Create your own christmas tag and matching wrapping paper

  • Adults 
  • Teenagers 
  • 30 min
What you need:
Pitt Artist Pen 1,5 white, Graphite pencil Grip 2001, Artists’ watercolor pencils, wrapping paper in a darker tone, white ribbon,  gift tags

Merry Christmas gift tag

Step 1

Sketch the branch, berries and hand-written ‘Merry Christmas’ using a soft pencil. 

Step 2

Now colour in the branch and the berries using our Artists’ watercolor pencils.

Step 3

Then use a fine brush and a little water to mix the colours together. This effect will bring the branch and berries to life.

Step 4

Using a Pitt Artist Pen or another felt-tip pen, you can now draw the words ‘Merry Christmas’ by hand. Your gift tag is now complete. 

Wrapping paper with Christmas trees

Step 1

Choose a basic, coloured wrapping paper with a surface that is not too glossy. Now draw the outlines using a white Pitt Artist Pen or another well-covering fineliner or felt-tip pen. 

Step 2

Draw as many Christmas trees on your wrapping paper as you wish by expanding upon the outlines with lines pointing downwards.