Black Edition Colour pencils 100x

  • Faber-Castell - Black Edition Colour pencils 100x
  • Faber-Castell - Black Edition Colour pencils 100x

Black Edition Colour pencils 100x

Product details

  • Back wood and Supersoft lead: Pure colour!
  • Varied palette of colours and Supersoft lead for great effects even on coloured and dark paper
  • Colour pencils with ergonomic triangular shape
  • Brilliant colours
  • Extra smooth colour laydown
  • Break-resistant due to SV bonding
  • Including fold-out carton pencil holder
  • Wood from certified sustainable forestry
  • Carbon-neutral production
  • Cardboard box of 100

Black Edition Colour pencils 100x

The Black Edition colour pencils have a wonderfully soft and vibrant colour laydown thanks to their SuperSoft lead. The high pigmentation of the lead makes them ideal for painting and drawing techniques on light, coloured and dark paper. The ergonomic triangular shape of the pencils automatically ensures the correct grip position and optimum comfort when drawing and painting.

Product Detail Page.Sustainability And Environment Title

Eco Pencil

Timber from certified sustainable forestry (e.g. FSC, PEFC, SFI) order


This product is made of FSC certified wood and thus orginates from responsibly managed forests. FSC Chain of Custody Policy

Carbon-neutral production

The CO2 emissions caused by the manufacturing process of this product are neutralized by certified projects. Carbon-neutral production

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