Writing implements perfect in form

Fine Writing

The “Fine writing” series, with its purist and functional language of form, has become an elementary building block in the Faber-Castell range. The series is aimed at satisfying the needs of demanding consumers, and the elegant products are particularly suitable as presents. The unmistakable visual feature, recurring like a common thread, is wood: it symbolizes the company’s world-wide core competence.
This range is all about clarity, a feeling for materials, and fresh vibrant colours.
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n’ice pen
The design of the barrel of the n’ice pen was inspired by nature and evokes many different associations...
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Writing with a very personal touch!
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Neo Slim
Contemporary, stylish and modern
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Beautiful to look at, comfortable to hold, and a pleasure to write with!
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e-motion sits comfortably in the hand!
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Luminous colours and puristic elegance!
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