‘Lead’ing the Way!

Despite the market being flooded with a huge number of pencil brands, Faber-Castell stands head and shoulders above the rest

For a company, the advantages of being blessed with a rich heritage are many: unwavering trust of the customers being one of them. The legacy of 245 years has endowed Faber-Castell with this gift. Today, Faber-Castell has become almost synonymous with writing products. However, the company does not believe in resting on past laurels, and continuously strives for innovations with a strong focus on customer satisfaction. Faber-Castell’s guiding principles place a very heavy emphasis on environmental care and employee welfare.


Did you know that Faber-Castell…

Ø      Is the largest pencil manufacturer in the world?

Ø      Invented the hexagonal pencil?

Ø      Set standards for grading of pencils?

Ø      Was the first pencil brand to win several design awards (for the innovative triangular pencil “Grip 2001”)?

Ø      Was the first to launch the triangular pencil?

Ø      Is the first and the only company to use water based varnish on pencils to ensure children’s safety and environment protection?

Ø      Is the only brand that is self-sufficient in wood production thanks to its reforestation project?


The Beginnings
Established in Germany in 1761 by Casper Faber, the company today has made its mark in most of the major countries on the planet. One can find Faber-Castell in more than 100 countries – prominent among them being Germany, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, peru, Brazil, Middle East, Indonesia, Malaysia and India. It has also set up 15 factories and 19 sales units across the world. Faber- Castell produces over 1,800 million black-lead and colour pencils annually, making the world’s largest pencil manufacturer in its core field of wood-cased pencils.


The  India  Story

 In 1997, Faber-Castell opened a sales and distribution office in Mumbai. Transactions were carried out through the distribution channel of a local company till 1998, when it established its own channel of distribution. In the same year, Faber-Castell set up an eraser manufacturing factory in the the country. Later the company built three more factories in Goa and also expanded the product portfolio. Today, Faber-Castell India offers international quality pencils – all of which are imported from its foreign divisions – at unbelievably economical prices. India also houses the company’s research and development center, which is continuously working on developing new products and improving existing product formulations.



Pencils for All

 Faber-Castell has a wide range of pencils made to suit the needs of various consumer segments. The profile is exhaustive and caters to children, artists, architects and engineers, apart from general users. It is a one stop shop for all writing and drawing needs. Needless to say, this has made Faber-Castell a favourite with the school going kids. Its pencils also appeal to the professionals in the fields of design and engineering. The hall mark of Faber-Castell is that it always strives to give value to the customers. All the new pencils are introduced in the Indian  Indian market only after taking into account the Indian customer preferences.


Considering its legacy and the customer confidence that it enjoys, there is no doubt that Faber-Castell will continue to expand its presence and excel in the field of writing instruments.