It was 1761, when cabinet maker Kaspar Faber, settled in Stein, near Nuremberg in Germany, to make his first simple pencils. He took extra care to plane and glue each of them by hand. This quality craftsmanship proved worthy, and at the Nuremberg market, the sales of his pencils flourished. The Family Dynasty of Pencil makers had begun.


The Mid 19th Century, saw his Great Grandson Lothar Faber, transform the company. He mechanised production, achieving a consistency of quality previously unheard of. He invented the hexagonal pencil, and created standards for pencil size and grades of hardness still in use today. His products were marked A. W. Faber, after his Grandfather Anton Wilhelm. These were the first ever Brand Name Writing products, and amongst the earliest branded articles in the world.


Offices were opened in New York, London, Paris, Vienna and St Petersburg. In 1863, Lothar was elevated to the position of Baron, in recognition of his achievements and services to the community. At the time of his passing in 1896, A. W. Faber products were winning Exhibition Certificates, Awards and Medals all over the World.


In 1896, his Granddaughter Ottilie, became heir to the family business. In 1898, she married Count Alexander zu Castell - Rudenhausen, a descendant of one of the oldest families of Bavarian Nobility. The family name became Faber –Castell. Shortly after the turn of the century, a new Castle was built in the grounds next to production facility.

For decades it’s historic architecture and elegant rooms played host, to Family, Nobility and Guests from around world.


In 1978, the Generations changed for the 8th Time After 50 Years of heading the company, Count Roland handed the running to his son, Anton Wolfgang – Count von Faber – Castell. Since this time the company has significantly expanded it’s Global operations. It now employs over 6000 people, has 15 Production sites, and 20 Sales organizations, together with representation in over 120 Countries around the World.


The simple pencil manufacturer has developed into a World Leader in Writing, Drawing, and Colour related products, also extending into private label Cosmetics. Today, after 244 years, the Faber –Castell Company is more successful than ever before. Throughout 8 Generations, spanning 3 Centuries of operation, the family’s vision has remained the same.