Competent people are our biggest source of innovation and the drivers of our success.

At Faber Castell, we have a vision of where we want to go, and it's really exciting. To achieve our vision, we are always looking out for talented, learnable individual who are ambitious, who love challenges and who have passion to excel!"

Our HR systems & policies are designed to unleash the latent capability of our employees by fostering Continuous learning and performance based culture.Selection procedures at Faber –Castell(India) are determined by competencies and performance. Faber –Castell (India) provide equal opportunity to all employee irrespective of race, caste, sex, marital status, religion, colour. There is scope for growth be it at professional or personal level .We do always look forward for talented , learnable individuals who are ambitious, who love challenges and who have a passion to excel.

How would you like to work for a professional and dynamic company whose main strength is its workforce? Faber Castell strives to get the best from its employees and given them the best! If you are interested, please send your resume via email to:


Current Vacancies:

Faber-Castell offers career opportunities at various levels. And to cater to the business expansion, we need the following new vacancies to be filled up.

  • Sales - Retail & Institutional

  • Marketing

    • Domestic

    • Exports

  • Finance and Accounts

  • Manufacturing

    • Projects

    • Production

    • Purchase

  • Sales

    • Retail Sales

    • B2B & Institutional

  • HR


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